Favorite Things Friday {#2}

Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to Favorite Things Friday!  In this second edition I'm sharing some of my current favorite things via Instagram photos.  These aren't fancy, latest and greatest items.  Just things that brought me joy this week. 

#1  Time With Family
I love this picture if Izzy playing with her new giant frisbee.  The frisbee sadly is no longer with us after just a few days (it really wasn't meant for dogs).  This was taken at my parent's house.  Izzy and I like spending my days off of work here, nothing beats time with the ones you love.

#2  Stumble Upon Finds

I stumbled upon these pretty candies at the grocery store the other day.  I was instantly drawn to the gray and yellow, such a pretty combination.  I think these would make great decorations on some future cupcakes.  Each came in the two different sizes and there were other colors, may be going back for more !

#3  Garage Sales

I love a good garage sale, you never know the treasures you will find.  I was lucky enough to be able to pre-shop a garage sale this week before it even started.  A wonderful friend of my sister's thought of me when she had some Fiestaware dishes ready to put in her garage sale.  I've been collecting  Fiestaware for several years so I was happy to add these to my collection.  I also picked up some cooling racks, stainless mixing bowl, linzer cookie cutters and a cupcake stand!

#4  Re-Purpose Items

I have a very small kitchen so when I can re-purpose and create storage, I'm happy.  This old pasta container made for great storage of the odds and ends leftover cupcake liners.  And with it looking cute, it's o.k. to leave out on the counter for decoration!

#5  Sentimental Hand-Me-Downs

One of my favorite cookies as a kid was Ranger Cookies.  My Mom would make them from my Great Grandma Emma's recipe (her recipe in her writing).  I never got to meet her but as a kid I loved looking at this recipe card and hearing stories from my Mom about her.  I was in the mood for the cookies recently and needed my Mom to give me the recipe.  She didn't just share the recipe, she gave me Grandma's recipe card!  I'm pretty sentimental so having this recipe card in my collection makes me so happy!  I'll bake up a batch and share them here on the blog soon.
I'll be sharing my Favorite Things Friday over on Life Rearranged too.  Check out some other great blogger's weeks via Instagram.

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