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Hello and thanks for stopping by to check out Tasty Sweet.  I'm Sara and I like to call myself a cupcake artist.  Cupcakes are my passion.  I love making them, searching out new and unique ones and now blogging about them.

I started this little blog to show my friends and family the cupcake creations I was working on and let them see my "menu" should they want to have some made for their special occasion.  It's slowly grown to more and now I'm sharing other recipes and diy projects.  This process has introduced me to so many wonderful blogs.  I love being a part of the blogging community.

Post writing doesn't come easy to me.  I'm an introvert by design (I have the Myers & Briggs test results to prove it!) and have a hard time sharing/opening up.  It's a work in progress.  What I will share is all sorts of cute Izzy (my 3 year old yellow lab) stories.  She doesn't get a say in the matter but I'm pretty sure she falls into the extrovert category.

The two of us share a small (yet quite perfect) home in Northeast Wisconsin.  I love baking, almost as much as I love the smiles on the faces of my friends and family when I arrive on their doorsteps with homemade cupcakes (or other tasty sweet treats). 

I love to travel and though I'm taking a break (darn budget) from it this year, I hope to travel more in the future.  I love day dreaming of the places I could go and food I could try.  I have a long bucket list of places I'd like to see.

Follow along as I experiment in the kitchen.  Everything I make will either be TASTY or SWEET, preferably both!

Any spelling errors or mistakes on this blog can be explained here:

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Cocalores said...

Ha ha, that's the best excuse ever for typos - from now on I will blame them on my dog, too, thanks to you =) Just stumbled across your blog and really like it!

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