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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I know there are more important things to let bug me and I will fully admit my latest peeve is quite ridiculous.  I have a problem with the Cottenelle commercials as of late informing folks of their taboo of having "naked" toilet paper.  Or suggesting they "back it up", as in have a spare roll in a cover sitting in waiting.  The little covers they designed to hide one roll of toilet paper are stupid, there I said it.  The commercials annoy me.  Yes, I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

So, what do those foolish cardboard canisters have in common with baking or cupcakes?  I thought of those things today while in the kitchen.  Looking at (o.k. maybe gazing adoringly at) my Kitchenaid mixer sitting on my counter "naked" made me wonder if I needed to cover it.  I just got my mixer for Christmas, remember my wonderful gifts?, and I love having it on the counter ready whenever I need it. 

Yeah, I took a picture at that very moment.  Anyway, I've been looking for a cute cover for a while.  The reason the mixer remains "naked" is that I can't find a cover I love.  There are some I like but I yet to find one I want to look at sitting on my counter everyday.  I've found a couple cute ones online, thank you Google images, but the pictures don't link to an actual site where I could buy one.

Aren't these two cute?  Yeah, images that link to flickr or a no longer existing site.  Thanks a lot Google, thanks a lot.  So in the meantime my mixer remains naked and I shall continue my quest for the perfect cover.  So, did Cottenelle inspire me?  Nope, still annoying, just love my mixer!

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Sugar Mama Bakeshop said...

Yay! Another cupcake blog :) Sounds like we're on a similar journey. I started my blog to document my experiments until I can publish a gluten free & vegan bake book and possibly even open up a store front someday! So glad you came by and entered the giveaway.
PS- I love the naked kitchenaid. My husband bought me an agua mixer and I'm too in love to ever hid it :)

Sara said...

Love the Sugar Mama site and will be looking to you for help when I need to bake my first gluten free or vegan cupcakes for friends/family with those diet needs :)

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