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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Over a year ago I bought myself a new TV.  Prior to my fancy 32" (huge, I know!) flat TV, I had a beast of a box style TV bought years ago when I got my first apartment.  The TV worked just fine and I really hated getting rid of it.  My sensible (cheap) side didn't see the need to replace something that worked just fine.  My non-sensible side wanted a new TV.  I decided to put the beast box into my Mom's rummage sale.  If it sold, I'd buy and new TV and as a bonus I'd have some extra money from the rummage sale to help make that purchase.  It sold, I got a new TV.  but....

Ever since I brought the new flat TV home, I've been on the search for an equally sleek stand of sorts to put it on.  Again, another expense my frugal (cheap) side didn't want to have.  Everything I found and liked, was just out of my price range.  Fast forward to this last May and my Mom was once again having a rummage sale.  My friend Lori added some items to the sale including an old bookshelf with a mere $2 price tag.

The shape and size was perfect for a TV stand.  It just needed a little work.  I scooped it up on rummage sale day 2....and then let it sit in my Dad's garage for a few months.  I needed to think of the perfect plan to make it into just what I needed.  Last month my vision became a reality.  I (with my Dad's help) created the perfect TV stand and on my frugal (cheap) budget.
First step was to remove the shelf and cut a hole in the back, big enough to fit my components/cords.
Then came painting and creating a background.  The idea of doing something decorative on the back was so I wouldn't stack junk on the bottom shelf. 

 I even had my guard dog there to make sure DIY thieves didn't attempt to steal anything.  She was clinging and needed to be touching my foot most of the time while I was working.  Silly puppy.

The background was created with scrapbook paper from My Mind's Eye and Mod Podge.  The paint color I picked was Dutch Boy Colonial Cobblestone
I absolutely love the finished TV stand.  I just need to fix the cords so they are not in view from the front.  It fits my small room perfectly and you can't beat the price either!  New TV stand for under 20 bucks?  How many people can say that?  

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Anonymous said...

It looks really nice, Love DIY blogs. I am trying to do paint a chest, will be checking your blog for ideas.
I am your new follower. It will be great if you follow me back

Abi K

Anonymous said...

Hello...can you tell me the color on the wall behind the tv? It is a beautiful camel color!! Thanks! Julie

Thomas Watson said...

I really a nice TV table. Thanks for sharing your building process.

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