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Monday, October 8, 2012

What do you get when you combine cupcakes, beer, and fire?  An awesome weekend, that's what!

Back up 8 or so years ago when some dear friends (hi Chad and Kellie! this post is about you!) moved 200 miles away, leaving Wisconsin for the suburbs of Chicago.  I've always had local friends, no one lives too far away, so a long distance friendship was new to me.  I still remember one of the last weekends Kellie was in town, going to see "13 going on 30" in the theater.  I remember crying.  I remember thinking, "will we really keep in touch?".

We have!  If distance is a true test of friendship, we passed that test.

We text.  We call.  We plan visits when we can. 

Fast forward to present time (now if this was a movie, that last bit would have been a wonderful montage of photos and a really sappy song) and Kellie called to say she was having a s'mores party.  I was more than happy to drive 7 hours in just two days to spend time with them.  Our weekend visits tend to revolve around much laughter and that type of weekend was exactly what I was in need of, much needed!  I've also met some wonderful ladies through Kellie over the last few years and was excited to see them again too.  I also got to meet those ladies' better halves and some new friends too including a furry friend, Elinor!

So we got beverages.....
made some pumpkin cupcakes....
roasted marshmallows and wieners over the fire....

enjoyed said beverages around said fire....
Another all around awesome weekend with awesome friends.  I wish I had a photo of the left over hot dog breakfast but you get the idea.  I have awesome friends.  You are most likely jealous and you should be.  We ended with a quick trip to Ikea and I was on my way back home.  It's always hard to leave after such short visits but knowing we've stayed in touch after this long, I'm confident we will stay in touch for many more years to come.  Every March I look forward to Kellie's Birthday visit which may be the next visit if neither of us make the trip over winter.  This is where I wish my writing wasn't so sucky so I could more eloquently explain how much Chad and Kellie's friendship means to me no matter the distance.  "They served me hot dogs for breakfast" really doesn't do the friendship justice, right?  Love you guys!  Be on the lookout for zombies, they are everywhere this time of year ;)
This post ended up being longer than I thought, so I'll share the Pumpkin Cupcake recipe I used later this week. 
Who else loves a campfire in the fall?  Any long distance friendships you couldn't imagine your life without?

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

PBR! Dan would be so proud. :) And this is totally my favorite thing to do right here. Drink, eat ... and sit by the fire. Can we please be best friends?

Kimberly Montgomery said...

What a great way to stay connected. :) My husband and I are very close to his brother and wife. They live 4 hours away. When we were younger we would drive up at least once a month. At one time we lived an 8 hour plane ride from each other. Then we visited about 2X/year. But phone calls and texts kept us up to date. :)

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