Grilled Chili Cheese Fries (Sundays With Joy)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't you just want to head face first into that plate of fries?  No?  Oh, it's not lady like?  My bad!

Once again I'm trying out a recipe from Joy Wilson's cookbook, Joy The Baker Cookbook 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes.  This recipe comes from Chapter 3 entitled "I need a hug or a brownie, maybe both".  In other words, comfort foods.  French fries wouldn't normally be my go to comfort food but enjoyed it just the same.

Joy's recipe calls for these to be baked but I decided to give the grill a try.  My Dad had been asking if I had any request for a meal from the grill before summer was over.  I've been craving steak for some reason.  I don't normally eat steak, it's not something I order when I go out, so this craving kind of came out of left field.  It did however make a wonderful partner for my plate of fries. 

These "chili" cheese fries don't actually have chili on them but a wonderful mix of spices that worked out perfect.  I made a few changes/additions to my liking though.  I added peppers, onions, garlic and bacon bits to the potatoes.  With the spices I used Mrs Dash steak grilling blend, a nice salt free option so I could control the amount of salt I added.  I also decided to try liquid smoke for the first time.  I love the smokey flavor it added, it definitely lives up to it's name!

It's always fun experimenting with something new on the grill.  We elevated a foiled covered cookie sheet to bake the fries on.  Because opening the grill to check on the fries caused the heat to drop every time, it took a little bit longer than baking would have.  I also forgot to spray the foil with any sort of cooking spray or oil so I did have a few stuck on fries.  The rest turned out just fine, I was just sad to  have lost a few to a silly mistake.  Oh well, you live and learn!  So a beer, a sunny evening, and a steak and fries dinner with my Dad. Turned out to be perfect!
Want to see some more versions of this recipe?  Check out Bakeaholic Mama's post HERE with a few others that link up too!  As luck would have it, Joy posted this recipe to her blog on Sunday too!  Check it out on Joy the Baker. 
I'd love to hear what comfort foods you all have?  It's hard to pick one but meatloaf and mashed potatoes is mine.  Oh but then there are cookies....or cupcakes?

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