Apple Crisp (Sundays With Joy)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This week's Sundays With Joy recipe could be used to snag yourself a mate......or do like I do and eat half the pan yourself.  Yep, I did.  I love apple crisp, it is one of my favorite things to make in fall. 

I'm not picky about apples either.  This time I used a mixture of gala and honey crisp, fresh from a local orchard.  Both delicious, mix with cinnamon and load up with a crunchy streusel....delicious to the max! 

Another successful recipe from the Joy The Baker Cookbook, 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes.

Oh, and see that cute owl mug in the picture, that was sent to me from Dana Rae as part of a mug swap hosted by A Cuppa Kim.  You can check out the recap and links of those participating HERE

My mug came with a great bag of coffee too!  I've used this mug several times already, I just love it!  And it makes a great prop for these photos :)
O.K. back to apple crisp.  Now I know what you are thinking, where is the ice cream on top?  Yes, warm apple crisp is best served with ice cream.  I skipped it this time, so sue me!  It was still fantastic.
I did attempt to serve it with a warm dulce de leche sauce....then I burnt it, so it was skipped too.  I think it was God's way of telling me to leave well enough alone.  Ever need those moments?  I do, just a gentle reminder to enjoy what you have and stop trying to make it perfect.  Message received! 
So I skipped the ice cream or any other topping choice and I skipped the man baiting, oh well.  Maybe next time.  I'll be making another trip to the same orchard for some pumpkins, I guess I'll HAVE to get some more apples too!
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4 tasty sweet comments:

BecHeflin said...

That mug is so stinkin' adorable, Sara!
Incidentally, no toppings or additions made it on to my apple crisp either. Like you said, why mess with perfection? Besides, I didn't have the patience to let it sit on the plate long enough to add anything to it!

Tiffany said...

Looks so good! My streusel turned out funny, but yours looks fabulous! Love the mug

{cuppakim} said...

great pics! and that mug is just all kinds of wonderful. pairs well with an apple crisp ;)
just perfection!

Sarah said...

Oh man...I don't think there is anything better than a warm apple crisp....and now I'm starving!

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