Favorite Things Friday {#4}

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's been a while since I shared some of my favorite things, happenings, musings.....on a Friday....hence the name Favorite Things Friday!  Aren't I clever?  Yeah, I'm feeling a bit spunky today, maybe a little too much coffee this morning?  Whatever the source of the spunk, I'll take it!

#1 Forgotten Photos
O.K. so as a fairly new blogger, I've yet to really find my stride and plan ahead on blogging.  I don't save posts months ahead of time or stock up for when I'm in a blogging funk or in need of a post.  I did however find recently that I failed to share my first cupcake cake that I made back in APRIL...yes APRIL!  Oops!  So here is a look at a cross cake made out of cupcakes I did for a special First Communion.  Carlie picked the flavor and I just went from there.  It's not perfect by any means but it was fun to make.
#2 Funny Stuff
There has been no shortage as of late of funny pictures floating around the internet.  These eCards can pretty much make my whole day.  One of my favorites last month was during the Olympics.  I posted it on my facebook page but will share again here.  It pretty much summed up my days as I sat in front of the TV watching superior athletes perform all while dreaming up new cupcake ideas. 
And another, just because I'm excited for the new season of "How I Met Your Mother". 
Anyone else a Barney fan?
#3 Fall
I'm not wishing summer away or anything, I'm just going to welcome fall with open arms.  I very much enjoy that time of year when you are wearing jeans/sweatshirt but still can pull off flip flops.  And seeing the changing colors of the leaves, beautiful!  Oh and soups and apple picking.....I could go on and on.  I have plans to make some soup soon using some veggies from my family's garden.  Have you had the butternut squash soup at Atlanta Bread?  Yeah, I want to make that but I'm pretty sure they don't go around giving out their recipes, so I'm going to have to experiment a little.

A fall flashback from 15 to 20 years ago (oh hell now I feel old).  My Dad and I took this little puddle jumper to check out the fall colors in our area.

#4 Football
This could really fit into the fall  category but I think it deserves one all by itself.  Football is my favorite sport to watch.  As luck would have it, I live in an area where folks worship the Green Bay Packers.  I'm a fan, not a crazy, worship type fan but I have been known to make Packers cupcakes.
I've also been known to make Izzy wear my Clay Matthews jersey.  She didn't stand for it....no really, she refused to stand.  I've learned my lesson, don't dress the dog!
There you have it, some of my favorite things narrowed down to 4 simple things.  It's amazing how cupcakes can always fit into my favorites.  The really are my all time FAVORITE!   They are the reason I started this blog and they just make me happy!  Tell me your fall, football or food favorites as of late!  Also, if anyone has a good soup recipe, please share! 
If you missed previous Favorite Things Friday posts, here are #1, #2 and #3.  Enjoy!

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Carole said...

Fun post. here we are hanging out for the proper start of spring... Cheers

Ps I know you have probably been busy. Just a wee reminder that it would be great if you followed Carole's Chatter back. Cheers

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