How Does Your Garden Grow {plus a pesto recipe}?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last weekend I shared the great spread of lunch and dinner that included many items from my family's garden and the farmer's market.  Today I thought I'd share some pics from our garden and a recipe using one of my favorite items out of the garden this year. 

There is just something about fresh garden vegetables that taste so much better than store bought.  My family's garden has had a few struggles this year.  The weather being the biggest hurdle.  It has been unseasonably hot and the heat has taken it's toll on a few of the plants.  With some tender care, we're getting a pretty good crop.  I'm sad the spinach didn't make it but loving the fresh basil.  I'm anxious for the tomatoes and corn to get past their slow start but loving the cucumbers and zucchini. 

I do think we may be growing some 4H or County Fair award winning squash though.  This picture above is ONE plant.  That's my nephew thrown to help you gauge size.  The arrow is pointing to Izzy, who was locked out this day for eating peas faster than we could pick them.  You'll recall she was locked out last month for eating raspberries.  Those have since died off, so now she has turned her attention to the pea plants.  The pods hang at just the right height for her to get those teeth on!

My favorite thing growing in the garden this year is basil.  Just walking by that row in the garden smells amazing.  I could eat pesto on just about anything.  I think it is one of those things that people either love or not at all.  If you fall in the love category and find yourself with some fresh basil, I suggest you make some pesto.  It's super easy to make and tasty too!

Fresh Basil Pesto
·         2 cups basil leaves (packed into cup)
·         ½ cup grated parmesan
·         ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
·          1/3  cup pine nuts
·          two garlic cloves, crushed
·          salt and pepper to taste
Pulse basil and pine nuts in food processor.  Add garlic and pulse a few more times.  Scrape down the sides of the food processor in between as needed.  With food processor running, slowly add olive oil.  Add parmesan, salt and pepper and pulse until blended.  Store covered in refrigerator. 

Not sure what to do with your fresh pesto?  Add to fresh cooked pasta for a quick and easy dish.  I threw in some fresh mozzarella pearls and tomatoes.  How's that for quick and easy?

What veggies or herbs are you growing this summer?  Any favorite recipes with those items? 
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Naptime Review said...

Nothing better than fresh food from your garden. Love all the pictures!

Found you from Jam's Corner! I am your newest GFC follower. Love for you to link up to Mom's Monday Mingle! stop by and return the follow when you can ;)

Julie said...

I LOVE your garden. I live in a townhome so my yard isn't big enough for an awesome garden like yours. But I do have a little herb garden growing in some big flower pots! The recipe you provided looks delicious. Thanks so much for sharing on Marvelous Mondays!


Ashley said...

You have a wonderful garden! I wish I had the land and space - right now I'm only able to grow a few herbs and spices in the window sill. Basil is one of my plants though! Pinning this for future reference.

Marina said...

I wish I had such a wonderful garden!

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