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Thursday, June 7, 2012

O.K. I've made rhubarb sauce and rhubarb ice cream but there is more.  I've done a couple more rhubarb theme projects I'd like to share with you.  The first is a casting of a rhubarb leaf.  I admit, all the tutorials I had seen online were a bit intimidating.  I decided to kind of make up my own as I went along.  I started with a bag of Quickrete, concrete color and a bottle of concrete bonding additive.  There aren't directions for leaf casting on any of these things, so it was trial and error as I went.  I did have a trusty side kick with a wheelbarrow for mixing, tarp and extra garage space though (thanks Dad!) 

With a tarp down to cover the area, I made a pile of sand large enough to hold the large rhubarb leaf I had selected.  Wetting the sand as needed helped to hold the shape and sturdy the sand to hold the weight of the wet concrete that would be added to it.  A great tip I had found online was to use plastic wrap under the leaf as to not get unwanted sand mixed in with the concrete.  After mixing the Quickrete with equal parts water and bonding additive, I added in the color.  I had done some experimenting the previous day and found the color faded when dry, so I opted for a darker shade this time around.  Once I achieved the consistency of a thick brownie batter, it was time to make the cast.  With gloved hands I added the mixture right on top of the leaf, trying to keep the edges with the shape of the leaf, patting it firmly as I went.  The last step is the hardest.......waiting.  I waited a little over a week to turn the cast over and remove the leaf.  I was so happy it turned out and loved the detail of the veins of the leaf.

My Mom had a stand that previously housed a bowl bird bath.  This stand worked out great for displaying the leaf.  I kind of wish I could keep it (I actually made it for my parent's yard).  I want to add some sort of sealer yet, maybe help it from weathering too quickly.  A success for the first project like this! 

Now, just one more rhubarb project in the works.  It's not quite finished yet.....

I'm waiting on some rhubarb vodka that is sitting in my basement.  A mason jar, vodka, sugar and rhubarb.  Wait a month (storing in cool dark place, stirring once a day) and I'm told I'll have rhubarb vodka.  Anyone ever tried rhubarb vodka?  I'm thinking of mixing it with lemonade but I'm open to any suggestions!

I think that is it for my rhubarb projects.  I miss baking.  In fact, I was feeling crabby today and my sister said, "maybe you need to bake something".  Maybe she's right, I think when it cools down later tonight, I will bake something.....anything.

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4 tasty sweet comments:

Anonymous said...

why not mix rhubarb vodka with strawberries!!

Anna said...

I thought for sure i would see strawberry rhubarb cupcakes on here!

ive actually never even tasted rhuburb before =x will have to add that on my to do list!

Sara said...

I'm sure that would be wonderful!

Sara said...

oh I thought about it! maybe I will yet! rhubarb is an acquired taste but is very tasty!

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